• Katie Elizabeth

5+ FREE Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

market your business

Not to be off-putting, but this is important: None of these are going to help you at all, if you don’t have something to say.

Know who you are talking to. Provide them with something they are looking for. This guide from Hubspot has really wonderful cues to help you craft your message, and for understanding marketing strategy. Remember: Your goal is NOT likes and retweets. Your goal is sales. Thought provoking quotes and adorable bunny pictures will most likely get you audience interaction. Those things will not get you sales. What does your customer need? What problem do you solve for them? This in-depth guide from Growthlab has more on content building.

#1 Create a Google Business Listing.

You know that business that shows up on the side when you search in Google?

Google listing

Once you have created and verified your google listing, use it! Keep your hours and info updated! Use their posting tool to market events and promotions.

You can also use their website builder to create a free site. My understanding is that this is basically a detailed business listing and customizable options are limited. Awesome review of Google sites.

Note: Google listings are free and they only verify through the mail. Anyone trying to charge you or verify over the phone is scamming.

#2 List your business as many places a possible.

The obvious places are Google, Yelp, and Bing. This is a great list of less obvious places to list your business for maximum exposure. Check out their great tips and the end of the list to get the most out of your listing! It is not intuitive that your listings should be super consistent across platforms.

#3 Free Websites

I am a firm believer in having a solid website that works for you. This is why I get excited about making sites for entrepreneurs and business owners, to drive the success of their goals. However, we are all at different places at different times, and not all online needs are created equal. Sometimes, you just need your own little corner of the internet, and you need it to be free, or very inexpensive.

Here is a comparison of online web builders.

Wix is my own personal favorite.


Wix: Create a free site using this crazy versatile site builder. Your free site will be Wix branded and have wixsite.com in the url. Use of their free sites is unlimited.

Upgrade: for $10/month you can get your own domain name and an ad-free site. I love Wix, and use it to build most of the sites that I build. You can definitely edit yourself, but if you are serious about your online marketing, you should start with a professional web designer. More on Wix pricing.


Wordpress.com: I have to mention it here, because it powers 25% of the internet, and it is versatile and powerful. I don’t use Wordpress.org or wordpress.com because the learning curve to do much, is pretty steep and the average joe can’t easily edit a wordpress site. Here is a great breakdown of both Wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

Bonus: Personal Landing pages. These can be great if you really just need a simple landing page, and don’t want to maintain a full site.

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