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River Rock Kiwi Wine - Label Design

I have included this one here because it is a great example of how a project comes together. Here is the request from my client:


"I’m looking to create a wine label … using the name “River Rock”. The concept that I’d like to create is a fairly simple drawing of a man, woman and standard poodle under a kiwi vine --- which would appear to be drawn on a river rock. I like the attached label, only I would add a woman to the right reaching up toward the vine … and change the tree to a vine on a single trellis. A single trellis would be a T with vertical supports from the center post to the outside edge of the horizontal line. I’m interested on whether you believe it is something you can do."


Turns out it was.

River Rock Kiwi Wine Label Design

River Rock Kiwi Wine Label Design

River Rock Kiwi Wine Labeltexture

Final wine label

Client's reference files for style and trellis type

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