Maybe clothes, don't "make the man," but they are often the first impression that the world gets. The t-shirt tells the world what we stand for, or what group we identify with. Even the plain white tee, my personal favorite, might say, "I prefer not to be lumped in with a group, thank you!"


By far the most popular t-shirts here in Oregon Duck country, tell others what sports team we cheer for. I have designed plenty of those. The band tee, the snarky quote, the high school team, the purely brand name - all great examples of how we choose to be identified.


I worked in production and retail screen print design from 2009-2017.  Seriously, everyone loves a t-shirt. I specialize in creating lines of wearable merchandise for events or retail and I am particularly interested in the process of creating for a specific or niche clientele. If your business needs a wearable advertisement, you are on the right page.

Screen print design and print ready separation is $35/per hour. Free design and wearables consultation.

Have a project that you want to talk about? Give me a call or email at


Oregon Jamboree Screen Print Design
Swankity™ Mototherapy screen print
Oregon Ducks Screen Print Design
Softball Soul screen print design


Katie helped me design multiple projects including logos, book covers and over 100 tshirt designs. If you need her to create something herself or if you already have the vision she is highly skilled to pull it all together. She is open minded, inspiring and most importantly fast, efficient and affordable!

Susette Soparia

Author and owner of Soparia Inc.


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