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A Brief History of Katie

I can't remember a time when I was not drawing, or coloring – or arranging my pens in order of color (the concept of the color wheel came as a eureka moment.) As a child, I would draw pages of figures and  tell myself stories while drawing. I made paper crowns, and doll clothes and forts in the forest. It seemed natural to spend life creating things. 


I was homeschooled during my high school years, which worked well for me as I could spend my time reading and daydreaming instead of worrying about other people's expectations.  I went to the University of Oregon and chose for my major “Fine Arts” which is a major that no longer exists - and which does not require ANY MATH AT ALL. I left after my third year to get married and move to California, which at the time seemed wildly important.


7 years later, I went back to finish my degree. I took as many painting, drawing, letterpress, printing, calligraphy and digital design classes as I could jam into that year. When I graduated, my daughter was 6; and I was ready to find a job that allowed me to be creative on a daily basis and not just in the moments of time I could sneak in between work, housekeeping, and family time. I started my professional design career in 2008, when I was was hired as a screen print production designer. I designed several retail apparel lines, including tees for the Oregon Ducks, Dutch Bros. Coffee, and Softball Soul™. I created 8 years of exclusive event merchandise for the Oregon Jamboree Music Festival in Sweet Home, Oregon; and designed hundreds of prints for businesses, and events. I took over our company's website, marketing, and any other creative projects that I could smoke out: logos, label design, and small business websites; while I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

By 2014, the limitations of my day job were making me itchy. Daily conversations with entrepreneurs and business owners of all types, reminded me of all the ways that I COULD be helping people build lives of possibility. In 2016, I finally jumped. That leap of faith was the best decision I have ever made. 

The magical ability to create a working business out of thin air, never ceases to inspire me. 


I love the way that the very best design is the one you don't even notice. The more intuitive I can make something, the less you even realize it has been designed just for you. 

- Susette Soparia

"Treat yourself, and hire Katie to help you launch your dreams."

7 slightly random things about me

1. Lifelong Project: being brave enough to be myself.

2. Biggest Thrill: Helping you be brave enough to be yourself. Or, in differnt words, figuring out what you are better at than anyone else and helping you turn that into a magical escalator.

3. Favorite Smell: Tomato plants! Just like my favorite badass entrepreneur. 

4. LotR Character/Race: I am so a hobbit. I love food, and drinks and gardens, and a cozy book lined hole in the ground with a big round door is my idea of heaven. Side trips for adventure accepted.

5. In another life I design costumes for movies. In this one, I drive my husband crazy identifying the year the movie was made vs the the year it supposedly takes place by costume, hairstyle, and fashion anachronism.

6. I collect quotes. I write them down and memorize them and pull them out to illustrate points. Go ahead, say something brilliant! I will be here to record it. 

7. I am constantly on the lookout for the world's coolest jobs and in awe of those who create them for themselves. Current favorite: professional mermaid.

"You can have the coolest business in the world, but if you can't communicate what you do with power, you might as well be invisible." ~ Ash Ambirge (example of a quote)


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