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What a weird broad category, am I right? But, here is the thing - we all have things that we are just really good at. Processing a whole bunch of information and organizing it into something beautiful that people actually want to read is one of mine. 

If you have information that you want people to pick up of their own free will

Katie is an absolute joy to create with. I left our meetings feeling energized and optimistic about our projects. She designed four book covers for me and allowed me to bring my own images to the creative process. She never once got impatient with me when I had her tweak this or tweak that until I was satisfied.


If you need somebody to create a book cover from scratch she'll do the research and tap into the feeling you are trying to convey with the book cover. If you have a vision for the book cover, your own images, your own font style you want to use, she can pull it all together for you.


She is MY designer for everything; book covers, logos, icons, tshirts designs, and all other merch designs. Treat yourself and hire Katie to help you launch your dreams.

Susette Soparia

Author and owner of Soparia Inc.

“When I asked Katie to design my breastfeeding book cover I expected an image of a woman screaming in pain while a scary baby latched viscously to her boob.

That is not what I got. What I got was a series of covers that evoked the pain and humor of my book. They were the kind of book covers that said “send me to your best friend.” 


Her wonderful work made my book recognizable and cult-able. It is the perfect amount of appealing, evocative and useful.

I will hire her to do all my book covers.”

Cassi Clark

Author of 'Breastfeeding is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do It Anyway'

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