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Topsy Blends Website Design
Website Design

I was so excited to be able to work with Rachel London on her growing business. Topsy Blends - essential oil blends, like Rachel herself; is dedicated to health, happiness, and well-being; and she wanted an aesthetic to reflect that. To start, I created her mood board with the bright colors and natural textures that she was drawn to, with emphasis on the herbs and plants, the origin of her oil blends, and the blue bottles that she had chosen for her product line. We used that to create a consistent identity, which shines through in her website, labeling, and social media presence. Check out the full site.

Topsy Blends Website Mockup
Topsy Blends Website Design
Topsy Blends Logo
Logo Design and Branding Package

Topsy Blends logo was a joy to make. Rachel had brushed out a smiling sunflower (her personal favorite) which I redrew and curled around a playful text layout. The bottle was an added adjustment to clarify the nature of Topsy's blends. The rainbow color palette, textures, and fonts were all chosen to create a range of elements with which we could play.

Brand Board for Topsy Blends -essential oil blends
Mood Board for Topsy Blends essential oil blends

It was important to Rachel that her labels were as informative as possible; listing the ingredients, uses and directions for each product so that customers knew exactly what they were getting and how to use it. I reworked the smiling sunflower to hug each label and adjusted each size to make them bright and fun as well as informative. Rachel chose a square business card, with a high gloss finish - perfect for grabbing attention at her market booth. We had her logo made into a stamp for branding gift bags in bright coral, a natural fit. 

Topsy Blends Business Card Design
Topsy Blends facebook banner design
Topsy Blends Etsy banner design
Rachel London of Topsy Blends essential oil blends
Find Topsy Blends fantastic natural products here, and see more of her bright style on instagram. 


I LOVE working with Katie. She has been nothing but helpful. I started off with a basic idea of what I wanted my logo to look like, and she ending up bringing my business’ brand to life.

Katie is an artist with a tech savvy mind- exactly what I was looking for. She has helped develop my branding and packaging better than I could have ever hoped and envisioned, and created an amazing website for my products. So grateful I found an artist that could take my ideas and make them even better.

She’s the best, and that’s that.

Rachel London

Owner of Topsy Blends

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