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If the internet is like an enormous city, having a website gives you the opportunity to have the storefront of your dreams, on the street right outside your customers' door. Let me create a site that takes you from great idea, to profitable business.


So often web design is made to seem mysterious and beyond the reach of mere mortals. It does not have to be so hard. My goal is to create an attractive and organized website that works FOR you to build your business and make your life easier. I also believe that the process should be clear, direct, and collaborative; so that your site is an extension of your ideas. I take care of the details to get you online, so that you can focus on your endgame.   


Why Katie is Awesome:

     We are full-time beekeepers.  Which means we are farmers.  Which means we work closely with the land, at the whim of Mother Nature, long hours, odd hours, all hours...  Thus far, our business has been old-school word-of-mouth.  And that works fine for pollination services, but over the last couple years our honey customers have been asking about a website.  Website?!  We only use the computer for checking the forecast, email, and doing payroll.  We are not tech-savvy folk.  Then luckily last fall, while working on a different project, I met Katie.  And suddenly, it was not only possible to get a website going, but it was easy and even enjoyable.  Katie made it easy and enjoyable!  She is more than competent, creative, well-organized, and enthusiastic.  And was patient with all our questions and my perfectionist tendencies.  

     Our website is beautiful!  Katie made it into so much more than a quick informational page (as I had envisioned), and we get compliments on it all the time.  It definitely gives a feeling for who we are and how passionate.  Katie has brought us into the 21st century and was a joy to work with.  I whole-heartedly recommend Katie for any web design needs.

Elizabeth Rowan

Owner of Beetanical Apiary

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