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Unforgettable branding and websites for healers, creators, and optimists.

Hi, I'm Katie ~ your new co-collaborator.

I am a creative consultant and graphic designer with expertise in brand identity and user experience. But, what really sets me apart is my ability to listen; and to pull all of those threads, those amazing, scattered, disconnected, and swirling ideas into a real life plan. Then we build it! This truly collaborative process builds a brand that represents YOU, and brings your ideal business into actual existence. This is going to be so much fun, I promise!

The best marketing plan is to delight the people you want to work with.

Register for your free exploration call. After I discover your goals and dreams, I will send you a custom menu of options to help you pull all of those amazing, scattered, disconnected, and swirling ideas into a real life plan. Let’s talk!


It is called Brand Identity because it is how we identify you.

If we cannot identify you, we will not remember you.

If we cannot remember you, we will not choose you.

We can only identify you if you are something specific.

Not one in a category. Just one.


This is how you do that.



Bridge the gap between what you do and how the world sees what you do. Present a professional, consistent (and gorgeous) image, every day, in any situation with mood board, complete logo suite, custom color palette, carefully curated typography, evocative textures and brand style guide made just for you - you are going to be obsessed with sharing it.


Whether you have only an underused Facebook page, or a website that has been around for years now and maybe you forgot what information is on it or how to switch out that image from the 90’s - we are going to create an intuitive hub for your business that you would proudly post on a billboard.


You’ve got an unforgettable brand, and a website that makes your life 57 times easier. Now what? Monthly Brand Support and Development packages give you total clarity on where you are headed, the next steps to take to get there, and exactly how those steps are accomplished. Discover the confidence that comes with a clear path forward.

Here are a few projects that I am excited to share with you.

del Prado Counseling and Consulting

Everything about this is so on brand for Dr. Alicia del Prado. Working together, we were able to create a brand identity that highlights her caring and empathetic nature, and a website that supports and streamlines her work.

Brand Design & Identity • Website Design


Montessori School of Denver

MSD had a Winchester mystery house website of useful information. I had so much fun transforming it into a site design that is fun and aspirational - much like the school itself.

Website design • Information Design

Built in collaboration with MK Web Development

Zenbrio School of Energy Kinesiology

I am so excited to be co-creator of this brand and this website. As we continue to expand this site, we hope to bring fresh insight into how people understand energy,

Brand Design & Identity • Website Design


- Susette Soparia

"Katie is an absolute joy to create with"

Let's make something beautiful!

Thanks! Message sent.

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