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What is the coolest job ever?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

You know how sometimes, you find out what someone does for a living and you are like, "How do I get in on that?!" Too often it is simply the amount of money they are making, for what seems like little effort; But every once in a while the job itself is just too cool.

The one that always comes to mind for me is Professional Mermaid. I love this. And of course, there are now companies that hire, train, and outfit mermaids. But someone had to be the first! All signs point to Annette Kellerman as the first professional mermaid. She sounds like one Baddass Lady, doesn't she? In more modern times, a few inspired pioneers like Mermaid Linden, Mahina Mermaid, and Hannah Mermaid; created a whole industry around their love of the sea, and passion for creativity. And this is what gets me.

They wanted to be mermaids, so they made up a job. If they can make a job out of the desire to be a mermaid, what could you do?!

Absolutely, please to post in the comments, the coolest jobs you have heard of. Bonus points if you created it!

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