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Get a Life

When I first read this quote from Whitney Cummings a couple of weeks ago, it hit me oddly, a bit like a punch in the stomach. She then goes on to say, that if you have no life, then art is merely imitating art. Um, yeah.

I wanted it up on my wall to remind myself why it is important to play, and to do things other than just the things we are supposed to be doing ALL of the time.

And then the act of actually making it.

I had not so much as picked up a brush, or pencil to sketch, let alone done anything close to putting ink on canvas in a very long time. I even got out my easel. It was so much fun! I am pretty sure that I was giddy for at least a couple of hours. And then, oh did I ever have to remind myself of the beauty of imperfection. I have been working for years now in vector. Each curve and point is adjusted in increments until it flows perfectly into the next curve and point. I enjoy that. This is not meant to be that. This is an exercise in wabi sabi. I did NOT go back and open up that 'a' or smooth the curve of the 'i' into the 't'. That is where it gets interesting. Right?!

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